The secret to The Anti Gravity case powerful holding force is our revolutionary nano-suction technology, which secures your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy tightly against almost any smooth surface. Why buy a regular protective phone case when you can have rugged phone protection combined with zero gravity holding power?

The Anti Gravity case is Perfect for: 

  • Taking selfies (no more selfie sticks!)
  • Watching the game while you're shaving
  • Practicing YouTube cosmetic tutorials in front of your mirror
  • Learning piano
  • Filming workout or yoga videos
  • Self-study cooking lessons in the kitchen. Just stick your case to a smooth backsplash or cabinet door.
  • Hands-free navigation while driving
  • Netflix in the tub? Absolutely. Just attach your phone case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to the tile wall and enjoy
  • Many other uses

What does The Anti Gravity Case stick to?

1. Glass
2. Mirrors
3. Metal surfaces
4. White boards
5. Cabinets
6. Tile
7. Basically any flat, smooth, non-porous surfaces

How long does The Anti Gravity Case stick to surfaces?

For the recommended surfaces like glass, The Anti Gravity case will stick as long as you want, as long as the environmental factors stay the same, including humidity and cleanliness.  Other non-smooth, dirty, porous surfaces are not recommended.

Will The Anti Gravity Case lose stickiness? 

As long as you don’t damage the suction cups, and keep the phone case clean, the “stickiness” will remain.  Depending on the frequency of use and the cleanliness of the surfaces you stick the case to, the micro-suction cups may pick up dust will decrease the stickiness of the case.  Simply clean your case with water and dry it. Keep your case clean and you won’t have any problems!